According to Accenture ( businesses have moved beyond traditional business networking and now require support of a different kind. Triggered by time and accelerated by the events of 2020 (that upended so much of what we took for granted) we now need to look ahead with a focus and desire to help businesses solve their challenges on their own terms.

2021 will come to redefine the 21st century and The Digital Tribe has united in order to respond to this need. Established as a not- for- profit business association and lead by a skills-based board, the tribe is here to fulfil the needs of businesses in 2021- and beyond.



with the digital tribe

1. Meet other tribe members. 

The collaboration breakfast series is a place for you to meet other businesses owners, test new business ideas and share challenges experienced due to the sudden changes in how we do business. The board have been selected, based on skills relevant to these current challenges, driven by new technology.

2. Collaborate in Creative Ways

Now that you’ve joined an awesome tribe, it’s time to start collaborating (and I’m not talking about a 'you post my link, and I’ll post yours' kind of collaboration). Mutually beneficial collaborations are about building a relationship with businesses who are not only willing to bring something to the table but also sit and stay for dinner and then help you clean up afterwards- this is how businesses of the future will successfully diversify and grow.

3. Understand how other businesses can help you by listening to stories.

The best way to become a valuable tribe member is to really understand the businesses and opportunities in your tribe. There are some fantastic businesses doing some ground-breaking, innovative, and inspiring things right here on the coast. This is a space to hear all about it- and to be heard.

4. Come Prepared.

An event is only as good as you make it! You can attend 100 events and never make a single connection or gain a tangible benefit if you’re not adequately prepared. So, what does it take to become a great tribe member?

Here are a few tips:

  • Analyse your current business challenges.
  • Understand what answers you need and develop some questions.
  • When introducing yourself, have a 30 second (or less) introduction prepared that lets someone know precisely who you are and what you do.

For example, “Hi I’m Mikaela, I am a copywriter, blogger, and social media maven. It’s my first time here, and I am so excited to meet other amazing tribe members. My challenges at the moment are understanding the new language of consumers, Covid has changed the way we communicate but also changed our priorities.  I'm seeking tribe members’ experiences around this challenge".

Then ask the tribe member about themselves “It’s so nice to meet you! What challenges are you facing right now?” And don’t fake it- really listen.

5. Mentor and Be Mentored.

Doing business in this super complex landscape means businesses that had previously been competitors are now potential collaborators, enabling you to extend additional and specialised products and services to your customers- don't lose another customer.

If you are super passionate, skilled and crushing it in your profession say it loudly, consider mentoring someone who is just getting their feet wet or offering to extend a competitors’ business by offering a collaboration partnership.

No need for a massive project; do something as simple as getting a coffee with a newbie and share ideas.

What's On

Collaboration Breakfasts

The collaboration breakfast is more than just a networking event, it is a place to test new business concepts and work through business challenges with other innovative, forward thinking business owners. At Each breakfast two businesses will have the opportunity to bring along a product idea or a challenge to work through in the think tank.

Breakfast are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month starting February 2021

Transformation Programs

The Digital Tribe has developed a 2021 business assessment to help businesses identify their level of digital activation ready for this new era. Becoming a member of the tribe gives you the opportunity to do the assessment and apply for transformation programs where businesses can apply for funded programs. The program covers culture and people, Technology, Strategy, Customer experience and operations, this gives businesses an entire picture of where the business future-ready risks are and formulate a clear approach to rebuilding 2021 ready businesses.

Applications opening mid March 2021

Culture & People

The aim of the Culture, People, and Organisation assessment is to understand define and begin to develop an organisational culture that supports business owners and team members.


Technology underpins the success of businesses by helping to create, process, store, secure and exchange data to meet the needs of customers at low cost and low overheads.


The aim of the strategy dimension is to focus on how the business transforms or operates to increase its competitive advantage through digital initiatives.

Customer experience

The aim of the Customer Dimension is to understand how customers view the business, how to protect personal information and find customer online and offline.


Digital operations buy you back time and money as a business and fuels agile change management and facilitate a feedback loop for excellent collaboration.


Meet the board

and the business challenge skills they bring to the tribe

Clint Seares


Building resilience and leadership for business owners.

Marc Charette


Navigate local search solutions, 360 business tours and google my business

Paul Fellowes


Buy back time and help business save money by using technology and operations to create automation.

Ben Mackie


Getting your language right and increase the quality of your content.

Phil Maenpaa

Board member

Telling your story through images and video

Giles White

Board member

Get business in front of the 8 ball using strategic planning

Isaac Feeney

Board member

Compliant website solutions

Jacinta Outlaw

Board member

Solving business diversification challenges, inspiring innovation and industry disruption
The Proof Is In The Pudding

CASE STUDY: Walkabout wildlife park.

Digital activation in response to the double impact of Black summer fires and Covid-19 impacts on international student program, visitation and business income.

“I’ve learnt now by diversifying the business and using technology I can build a more resilient business, able to reach people before they get here.”

- Tassin, Walkabout Wildlife Park


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